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Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011


Oh guys... I've just seen "Drive", the new movie with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and others and ooh nooo -.-. So first when some of you are thinking: Whhaat? How did she watched it? illegal, online, download? It's called 'sneak preview' :D and just for 3,99 euros (!!!). And secondly, I don't know what to say. It wasn't bad but although I was thinking: " oooh, ryan...aaah oh ryan... O.O". Additionally, the scene that was most memorable for me, was the 'kiss' -scene ( yeeaah, how cheesy :D). But it's one of these that gets you thinking how one kiss can define your further life - how just one kiss can be the most beautiful and crucial thing-how one kiss can change you forever.

PS: The soundtrack is also killing it!! :) Soo good!

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Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

Need to see

Firstly "Back to the future 1-3" '1985-1990'! I knoow, I've just myself to blame that I haven't watched them yet. But hey, who should I blame for that I've got born in the wrong generation?? Just kidding :)

2. "Crazy-Stupid-Love" '2011'. I wanted to see this so badly when it were out in the theaters, but how life treats you, it wasn't out in this shitty small theatre of mine -.- ( I'm very (not) sorry for blaming the theatre ;D) and so I haven't seen it yet. I mean despite of this, everyone knows the great scene: " Seriously? It's like you are photoshopt !!!" *.* Ooh I really need to see it :)

3. So, another movie with the gorgeous Emily ( Emma) Stone! ( Yes, Emily is her actual name.) It's called " The help" '2011' and ok, all you need to know is: Mrs. Obama has watched it! And also: " Alcohol would be nice, Mrs Obama?!" :D  Hopefully someone out-there has understood that link -.-'. And also I can't help it, this girl is aamazing!

And last but not least " The Virgin Suicides" '1999'. I don't know what to say. Kirsten Dunst plus Sofia Coppola??!! Guys, that should have said everything!

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