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Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Here we go

Missing the warmth of the sun and wearing shorts and light, fluffy tops are some of the recurring thoughts I had the last days. It's just that the past weeks were stressful and an end isn't seen so far. I mean, I know that in one month I'm probably going to think: " Oh wow, I'm half through my freshman year in college (O.O)! Why is everything happening so fast??" It was just yesterday that I've moved out and was so giddy and nervous about everything and everyone I've seen and done and met. All those new friends, that now mean very much to me and the new city. Also we haven't had a really cold winter yet. I love snow, I adore it. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and last year I haven't seen it snow once. It's so weird. Also it was really warm? It was too warm :/. So I'm feeling like something isn't right and still hoping that it's going to snow in the next weeks. But for now I'm looking back to the days after highschool graduation and starting the first year of college when I could live just in the moment and eating food cooked from my mum :). As a student I'm always graving something, it's so unsatisfying.


PS: Excuse the crap ! Very confusing writing ( I know), haha !

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