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Dienstag, 17. April 2012


So, in long: I was at a concert last saturday, a bandcontest... It was ok, the band, the actual reason why I was there was good but when just 2 of 10 bands are great one can't say it was a phenomenal night. But all in all it was a good night with friends, music, food (curry deluxe) and taking a walk through cologne by night with icecream from one of my favourites cafés! Now trying to get to the point and giving you the explanation for the title, when we were sitting out bands whose music was just not 'our thing', N. asked me if I would know KakkMaddaFakka. My reaction was like: O.O Oooh, WHUUAT???!! You know, I was understanding 'KackM**herF**ker' :D And she was like..: ooh, I'm sorry :O It's not like that..It's like k-a-k-k.... . In short: Hear them out!!

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