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Dienstag, 24. April 2012

A little bit of...

news / a small sum up:

- I have a job! Finally and really needed! It was just a mess this searching for a job. It's crazy out there: A lot of employers just want females, others just students but those have to be veeery flexible and always experienced ( hellloo? somehow unexperienced people need a chance to get experienced? no? ( I have worked before but not in a exactly service position)) but whatever. And then I finally found a nice café where I worked on a trial basis for uhm just a half hour ( because she told me, she wouldn't need long to see if someone got it and could handling this work). It was great, feedback was great, I was feeling great, she was feeling great, weather was great ( I thought everything was great) and then BAM I haven't heard from her for a week and she told me she would call me on blabla day because she wanted to give some other applicant a chance. Then I went to the café, she said then..ooh, sorry I'm going to call you on blabla..She didn't.. -.- I really wanted to work there so much because the working conditions are awesome but to come to and end: She did Not call although she promised me three times! Ok, that is just embarrassing but the job was too good to give up 'easily'. But to have a Happy End here ;) I found a job in a restaurant! It is really near to the university, it's nice up to now and we'll see how it'll work out :)).

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