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Sonntag, 1. April 2012


What I did in March ( Part 2):

- went to eat Thai again on Wednesday! ( Krua Thai in Cologne is just the best! Fast, delicious and the prices are fair!)

- went to the very first fleamarket of many to follow :) It was very spontaneous. I was on the way to Cologne with my Brother and Dad and we wanted to go for a walk along the river 'Rhein' but then we saw huge crowds along the promenade when still sitting in the train. So we decided to go and take a look! My family knows how much I love and literally I am addicted to vintage things, thrifting and searching for individual, special stuffs. In the end I bought two vinyls: 'inner secrets'- Santana & ' tea for the tillerman'- Cat Stevens.

- watched Back To The Future 2 & 3!

- ate some macarons :) Thanks to my brother :* and one of the best lahmacuns ( their lahmacuns are selfmade and are coming right fresh out of the oven! Wuppertal Arkaden)

* macaron à la pistache/ lahmacun/ me with a mouthful of food/ me and my brother

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