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Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Past days

So, 10th of May already and I feel just 'punked' how fast time is getting by. It's now the third week that I'm working and Service seems to make fun up to now. I'm learning a lot like to hold three dishes or two hot plates with balancing a cup 'nouc mam' (mixed fish sauce) in the middle of one hand. So far work was fine and I try to save some money up for a trip to Paris at the end of this month :)). Hopefully it's going to be enough!

What I did:
 Rhein in Flammen!

 Eating Bi-bim-bap at Doremi!
 Eislabor, favorite flavour Avocado!!!

And an outfit!  (Docs, overknees as socks, old sweater from my Brother as a 'dress-or just something that ends under my buttcheeks so I am not embarassed to leave home by wearing leggins as pants', jeans jacket, scarf and my only necklace)

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