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Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Breathing music!

For my birthday I got tickets for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros from a few of the girls ( personal fact: I cried when I got them :D It wasn't because of being a huge fan or whatsoever. It's just that I think that a gift can tell you so much about the relationship and how much the other person means to you. So it was such a great feeling to see how well they know me. And I'm very grateful for having such awesome friends :*) The concert was great despite of the sad circumstance that Alex's voice hardly existed ( he was sick). But he and the group tried really hard to compensate it -> thumbs up! Also in the middle of the concert Alex came down to the audience and jumped, danced and 'sang' with 'us'! To see him standing next to you was soo cool :D Plus so strange, how handsome he was/is and how charismatic :)

blouse-Vero Moda/ skirt- American Apparel/ boots- Asos/ bag-backpack- Vintage Boss

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