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Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Not my day

It wasn't a good start when I woke up today.
I had planned to wake up super early for getting a spot at the library.
Since everybody is in the middle of his exams right now, it's hard to get a free table for studying.
So I woke up past my plan by 3-4 hours or so and I was really pissed and sad.
Additionaly to that I wasn't feeling great either because of other things that are on my mind right know (confusing-feelings-things-kind of thing) and so I decided to stay at home.
No shower, no proper food (my fridge has nothing.. alright, nothing and beer -.-') and no motivation at all.

But hey, it's okay...not even okay, it's totally fine to feel down sometime.
So here is a list of songs for wallowing in sorrow or for whatever is on your mind !
plus a few to feel better plusplus this list will always be unfinished

nicest thing- kate nash
creep- radiohead
i just don't think i'll ever get over you- colin hay
warmest part of the winter- voxtrot
i try- marca gray
the start of something- voxtrot
only ones who know- artic monkeys
someone like you- adele
just like heaven- katie melua
home- edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
playgroung love- air
i follow rivers- lykke li
such great heights- iron and wine or death cab for cutie version
everybody's gotta learn sometimes-  beck
elevator love letter- stars
your ex-lover is dead- stars

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