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Dienstag, 11. September 2012

Almost a year

It's almost a year away when these pictures were taken and now it feels like we have reached my favourite time of the year. The colours are changing, the mood is different and I am lusting for (society) finally allowing me to wear my beloved boots.
I mean, let's say it, most people just don't get why people like me love rainy weather or any kind of that crap.

Also when I look at these pictures it just hits me how fast time's passing and how much, I think, I've evolved in the last months.

It's so ridiculous how college life defines people and how much it has defined me. When I was a kid and had an appointment with my pediatrician, he said once: " My college years were the best years of my life." (So, life is over after college??) I mean, he was like 55 or so and I was seven or eight. At that point I didn't understand what he meant. I mean, how could I.  But different time, 12 years later here I am :)
Also, college-friendships are friendships for life, no? -.-'