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Sonntag, 30. September 2012


Went to a japanese restaurant last friday and it was great. At first we didn't know to go to which one because Naniwa and Takumi have both great reviews for being authentic and food is worth the price and the wait for a free eating spot. Eventually we went to Takumi. We've all chosen a menu where you are getting one bowl of simplest ramen (you can choose between 3 different broth) and an additional 'appetizer'dish with a bowl of rice. I got the terijaki chicken and it was heavenly :D ! The shoyu-broth was slightly too salty for my taste but all in all food was really good, service was fast and friendly And the atmosphere was really nice ( it's kinda how I envisioned a japanese restaurant to be :D and my knowledge is just based on detective conan ;))

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