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I needed a place for things to be timeless. Everything constantly changes, so here are bits & pieces out of my daily life for some consistency

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Lots of love for cherryblossoms

Every year around April the streets in the Altstadt change to one of the most unbelievable places one does not know they exist. An ocean full of cherryblossoms and 'tunnels' full of red-pinkish blossoms.

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Just want to roll around with you

Sallie Ford & the sounds outside: shivers   rolling around

Solange: losing you   dont let me down

Reptile youth: mornings sun   be my yoko ono   speeddance   black swan born white

Rhye: open   the fall   woman

Die Rakede: wo der geht's ins all?

Metronomy: the look   everything goes my way

Beat!Beat!Beat!: we are waves

Little Joy: unattainable -whole album-

John Frusciante: -curtains album-   -the will to death album-

Treasure hunting

Last Saturday we went to the Rheinauen-Fleahmarket which takes place monthly from April to October. Each time I'm there it always blows my mind what a beautiful spot this is. I connect a few of my most treasured memories with this place and it is most often a great pleasure to visit this fleahmarket. Go, as well as just for eating junk food, listening to music and lying on one of those large greenfields with your loves with all the hustle and bustle around you.