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Sonntag, 22. September 2013

New City

China Restaurant New City
Herzogstr. 38
40215 Düsseldorf

For celebrating his birthday my brother chose to go to a 'dim sum'- place where he previously went with some friends and wanted us to give it a try. To say it up front, it was ridiculously delicious!

First impression: ooh, a lot of asians... uh, i understood that, so change that to a lot of vietnamese people (always a good sign -> speaks for good food and low prices) and finally, waitress who speaks a broken german -> bam, high chance it's authentic!

We chose a good number of appetizers and two main dishes. Oh boy, was it good! The duck was fantastic and for a freaking price of 7,70 Euros... not much to say anymore. My parents were happy, mom was satisfied of the taste/quality and the prices and my dad was literally in duck-heaven :D

PS: Go to the Happy-Hour from 2 till 5 pm! Choose 10 (tempura-chilli-calamari) and B42(pankcake-shrimps-rolls)!!