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Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Black is the way to go - An outfit 13

Thanks to Nga B.

leather jacket: h&m / strick: vintage / skirt: cotton on / shoes: vintage / bag: fjäll raven / scarf: h&m men

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013


Tibet Imbiss
Clemens- August-Str. 39
53115 Bonn

I have already mentioned this place but I just have to give it it's own post. You have to take the bus - around 3 or 4 busstops-  because it is in a different quarter of Bonn but that's totally worth it. You can also just walk, if you don't mind the 20 minutes.

The owners are such nice people and they also seem to recognize me now because I always ask for their hot sauce :D I have almost eaten myself through the entire menu and I especially love the dumplings fried or steamed and the soup with handmade noodles is so good, too!

The portions are quite huge and nowadays they also have tables in front of their truck. 

This place is becoming a usual stop for me and a lot of foreigns eat here, too. The crowd is also so varied which I like very much. I have seen Indian, a lot of Chinese and also Tibetans :)

The price perfomance is good, great when you are on a students-budget!

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Trend Alert - Hamburg

Lovely top-coats -especially for the holdiays- / fluffy, so soft 80s-90s pullovers / the perfect understated boots / ryan gosling / glittery beanies / cut-outs (just everywhere) / glittery socks / books that depict any kind of trends (who makes these)

1.-6. Kauf dich glücklich /7. Monki / 8.-11. Urban Outfitters

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

What & Where we ate

park -Susannenstr. 1, 20357 Hamburg-

We ate here after we unpacked our things at the hostel and it was a good choice. I was graving a burger and it was fine, huge portion though. A. had chosen the pasta dish of the day and that was yummy, too. The atmosphere ist really nice and moody.

Price ranges around 6 to 9 Euros for a main dish.

Unter den Linden -Juliusstrasse 16 22769 Hamburg- *

This is such a nice café. We started the day with a late Breakfast and it was just the perfect start. Very nice service, great portions -just enough- and it seemed to be a place to go to for locals.

Prices are a little bit above, I think, but it's totally worth it and who wouldn't pay some cents more for a good cup of coffee, a great vibe and nice people?!

Herr Max -Schulterblatt 12, 20357 Hamburg-*

This place we have found earlier on but had no time to try it out until the last evening. We got the late supper -called Abendbrot- for two and it was fantastic. Self-made bread fresh out of the oven, a small variation of cheese, sausages, pickles, pesto and all sorts of veggies for around 12 Euros!!

This place has such a nice, very preppy and romantic interior and has vegan baked-stuffs, too!

You have to go there when you are in town!

Pho Hanoi -Davidstraße 21, 20359 Hamburg-

A. was graving Pho and it was the closest vietnamese place we could recalled. A. was happy and satisfied, I instead were finding myself counting all the little things that were wrong or uncorrect.

Please, don't go there when you want to have a true vietnamese meal experience !!! It's not good. It's always so sad when restaurants adapt to the tastebugs of customers or what is in right now. It's like a phenomen that a lot places are offering sushi or are having thai-dishes on the menu and things like that :(

Tarterie St.Pauli -Paul-Roosen-Straße 31, 22767 Hamburg -*

We stayed two nights in this neighbourhood and there are a lot of nice cafés with individual concepts. We chose to try this one out because it had a special offering for festival visitors. We got a drink of our choice for free :)

They have a small variation of tartes, cakes and cookies and also offer tarte flambee and quiche. We chose some tartes with mushrooms and fennel sausage and a another one with goatcheese, peach and honey. It was extremely tasty!

Prices are a bit above here for the amount of food you get. But I think that's totally fine here, too!

Jim Burritto's -Schulterblatt 12, 20357 Hamburg-*

Oh, Jim Burritto's, you are my answer to great mexican food. Or better say to one of mexican most popular dishes :) The prices will also shock you a little bit but the portions are huge.

Come early, this place is very popular!

Beim Kränzchen -Paul-Roosen-Straße 41, Hamburg-*

Beim Kränzchen is a nice, little café with a great selection of vegan baked stuffs and good coffee. The owner is very nice and I left the café being in the best mood.

Bistro Hummer Pedersen  -Fischmarkt Große Elbstraße 152 22767 Hamburg-*

Since we were in Hamburg we had to get a breadroll with fish aka Fischbrötchen. We had no idea where :D This place looked alright and after some local told us that the breadroll is really good here, we were sold.

It was really good!
Would love to come here again and try out a fish dish.

Chutney -Ballindamm 40, 20095 Hamburg- (franchise)*

Indian food? Love it. Indian fast-food? Love this, too. Indian fast-food take out-franchise?? Love!

You can get a decent curry for just 4-5 Euros in a medium size container.

* It's a definite recommendation!

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Hamburg Diary

In the last week of September A. and I went to the Reeperbahnfestival and the trip made me fall head over heels in love with Hamburg.

Firstly the air smells different -duh, of course! Just look up its location on the map-, people are soo friendly or I'm just very skeptical... and everything is so charming and unique and cool and.... Everything seems to be better here but I also always have this conclusion after visiting Paris :D

We spent the days sleeping in, walking around town, eating good stuff -mostly at super hip places as it seemed-, went shopping and in the early afternoon till noon we tingled through all this great venues with all the different musicians, bands and djs to listen and dance our asses off to. Awesome!

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Dehly & deSander

There is this one street in the inner city of Bonn that seems to get rarely visited from people or at least it just seems to me. After all this shops do exist -and probably already did exist before I started to study-. 
There are a few shops lined up there with individual and very nice concepts like Dehly&deSander which is a Patisserie.

I adore shops like this for their love for little details and the pretty interior design. And those cakes are just so so pretty and yum!! :)


Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013


Last Friday some of the co-workers met up and we went to try out the newest L'Osteria location in Ramersdorf/Bonn. It's located in and around office buildings and every little thing screams new and is indeed very modern and chic. On warm days you can sit outside and enjoy the great view on the river Rhein and just stuffing yourself with good food and chatting with your company.

The first impressions are great: very nice location, open -really open, the concept includes an open kitchen-, dimmed light and a lot of seating options -bar, round tables in front of the open kitchen, which is the central point, lounge and high chairs-.

Now let's move on to the food. First of all I couldn't decide. I was graving pasta all week long but heard that the pizza was a must-eat here. So what else to do as to get both?! ;) At the L'Osteria you have the great and so customer friendly option as I might add to share one of those giants pizzas and when you want to you can get it with different toppings. The linguine with italian sausage and savoy cabbage was very tasty and it was huge. The spinach-egg-garlic pizza was fine, too. Maybe was lacking some more garlic. Don't let me start talking about the crust! Crispy, thin and the most flavourful dough till now. The desserts were ok. I've eaten better ones -especially tiramisu-.

The prices range from around 7 to 11 Euros for a main dish and you can get a pint of beer for 3 Euros which is totally fine.

Go, try it out. High chances a new location is open up in your city soon!

Tip: Maybe don't choose this venue for a First-date or something, it's very loud ;D Awesome place to come for couple(s)-dates and large groups!