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Donnerstag, 27. März 2014


Unusual print and fabric got a lot more wearable this season. Just look out for the newest blousons at h&m for example!
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Montag, 24. März 2014


The Fave: Lovely spot with tons of vintage treasures in really good condition.

The Little pocket trove: great prices & for those who love to dig.

The Established: You can find this spot in every vintage guide-list for cologne.  It's nice but not a favourite.

The Oldie but Goldie: Awesome owner, great stuff and lots of one of a kind treasures !!

Montag, 10. März 2014

VINTAGE FIND - An outfit 30

bag: vintage / shoes: defeeter / coat: zara / scarf: review / shorts: vintage-levis / shirt: vintage

Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

What & Where we ate #2

First of all, shame on me, I didn't know that a place like this exists. When planning the trip, Nga was like: Do you want to go to Don Xuan? My reaction: Don Xuan? What are you talking about :O ... I know, shame on me, I'm not vietnamese at all :D.
A huge bowl of Bun Bo Hue for 6 Euros?? Or pho? I mean, you can't even discuss or say anything at such a price. It's authentic, the broth slacked some kick and seasoning but you could help yourself with fish sauce and etc. . So, can't say much anymore, just go and enjoy!

Lovely people, great atmosphere & the food is just delicious! This sweet pork belly was so so good. Fatty, tender with just enough hint of slowly roasted flavour of sweetness!

Awesome burger! I think of myself as a good eater. I can eat tons and I'm kind of proud of it. But this burger was so huge I could NOT finished it :( ! The beef patty was sick.  When some of you know beef brothers (cologne, düsseldorf) or freddy schilling (cologne) or frittebud (bonn), this patty, you guys, was twice as thick!

Who knew kauf dich glücklich does waffels, icecream on top of selling hip fashion and stuff? So, here you go. Very delicious icecream!  And thumbs up for the well executed merch!

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Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Oh, Berlin! - BERLIN DIARY

I finally went to Berlin a few weeks ago. We spend our time with shopping, a little bit of sightseeing and the grand finale was BOYHOOD at the berlinfilmfestival.
You guys have to watch it.

Things we've done:
  • Brandenburger Tor because it was my first time and nga persisted on it
  • shopping at Hakescher Markt and Kudamm  &otherstories, F21, pull&bear...
  • vintage shopping in Neuköln shio, sing blackbird, let them eat cake...
  • Burger at burgerberlininternational
  • drinks at bar lucia, some dancing at 'zur wilden Renate'
  • Don Xuan Center
  • BOYHOOD at Friedrichsstadt-Palast
  • cocolo ramen
  • and meeting friends in between