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Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014


jeans jacket: vintage / top: weekday / shorts: shakira / sandals: primark / scarf: h&m / bag: fjällraven kanken / sunglasses: le specs / nail polish: p2 volume gloss 200 'crazy beauty'

After trying to catch a train, the sole of the left boot of my favourite chelsea boots came off. Great, there I go to spend the day in Cologne shopping and mingling through the city with one shoe minus 1 cm of sole. Awesome. 

So now I had to buy some sort of shoe, that wouldn't cost much, bring me through the day, do not clash with what I was wearing and maybe forfill my expectations that I did not spend some money really dumb for something I just found cute and stylish in that peculiar moment. 

Here I go, straight into Primark in this so overwhelming, scary and freakish low-priced shopping 'heaven' or you might say 'hell' and couldn't decide on which pair of shoe I needed less. 
After some consultation & keeping in mind that this sandals would only cost me 8 Euros, I decided, bought them and enjoyed my freely toes.
Happy End.
And hello summer!